Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday night musings about things

I had said today was to be a slow, restful day lolling around in night clothes and...well, that didn't work out. There is hope for tomorrow. It is supposed to start raining and get COLD and they have even quietly mentioned on the weather there might be a snow flake to two on Tuesday. That would be the right day for the two flakes.

The most important plants are in the greenhouse, which I had to rearrange this morning. Hubbs forgot we need to actually get in there to work, water and stuff. Appointment to get my hair cut at 1:30pm turned into a longer session. I'm not sure why, but she was behind on her ladies. I just get the cut that is easiest to deal with. Wash and dry with a vent brush and outta of here. My feminine activities are not the same as most women. I have a curling iron and some travel curlers. I bought those when my hair was longer and I was more into it all...until one day I caught a glimpse of myself and thought I saw my grandmother! My hair was cut immediately. I loved my grandmother Jessie, but she was not a raving beauty. Bless her sweet heart. My two cousins and I were her live in maids from time to time. It gave us time alone with her and we all bonded in our own way with her. She let us do stuff our parents would have had heart attacks if
they knew. One year when I was about 6 or 8 she let me plant a peach pit. The next spring I started looking for my peach tree and Lo and Behold there was a rose bush right where my tree should have been. I wondered about that for a long time. My whole world of genetics was shattered at the thought of a peach tree becoming a rose bush. That is probably why I have a minor in biology.


  1. t has not been right. I have been having trouble getting it to curl right. Now it curls, as you know, but not prettily like it should! Shoot!
    Time for a visit to my hairstylist so she can get some layers back in.

  2. Your hair looks nice in the picture you use as your avatar. I always think of you looking just like that.

  3. My hair problems are widely heralded in several blogs.

    I certainly hope my new trees don't change species. However, one Feathery Japanese Maple is sprouting leaves of a different kind of Japanese Maple. One kind must be grafted somehow. I haven't figured it out.