Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 21 - Things for which I am grateful

Today was a warm, but overcast day. It really needed some red and green to brighten the day. I'm ready for some cold weather so it will feel like winter and the holiday season. I shopped online for my kids Christmas and have them all settled. Now if only my dil would let me know what the little guy would like I would be so happy.

I think the kids' idea of a cap on spending of $20 to $25 per person and it all has to fit in one box is fun and is such a good idea (I get to spend more on me...mwahaha and they will not have any debt to get them down after Christmas). I've found some fabulous, well really cool gifts, for them. Then I found some really cool clothes for me at Coldwater Creek....had to do something while waiting on my daughter in law to let me know what our Grandson, Darth Vader, Jr. wants for Christmas. I'd just call our grandson and ask, but he has no sense of money or what things cost. Once when I asked him what he would like he told me a new fortress swingset (his is < 2 years old). He was so funny. He was dead serious and even crossed his arms and leaned against the cabinets like he was about to enter into some serious horse trading to deliver this bit of information. I noticed my son had to leave the room in a hurry. I told him his fort/swingset/hangout was nearly new. He shook his little blonde head and said he thought his dad was going to buy him a new one very soon. He still has the "old" far as I know.

Sometimes, I think my grandson thinks we are very poor, because in the past I've told him we can't afford something outrageous he has had a passing fancy for. He has brought up the subject of our lack of funds before and is kind and understanding of our "predicament". The next time he says something about it, I'm going to tell him that I have enough money for the things I want, but I have to decide how I am going to spend my money the way it will do the most good. I think it might be a small lesson for him if he understands we think about what we really want and how we intend to spend our money. If we aren't prudent in our purchases (my face is red after all I spent today) then there might not be enough when I really need it, and it could be a gift for him that I don't have money for if we aren't responsible with our money. He is 8 and really needs to get a handle on how to save and when to spend. Maybe he will become a man of means and will take care of his "poor grandparents".

I'm so very grateful to have him in our lives. He is a very bright young boy and is full of love. We were wondering if we would have any grandchildren when he was sent our way. Life changes in my son's work brought them back to Texas so we are closer to them now. Yes, he is one of our blessings and we are grateful for him and his "hard bargaining" positions.


  1. Kids are so funny! We stopped buying Christmas gifts a few years ago. The only one I buy for is my 2 year old grandson. He was here yesterday and took off running and hid when it was time to leave. I truly believe he would just live here if we allowed it! lol. I changed my regular blog, Living on the Other Side of the Hill to wordpress also. Here is the address: or if you click on my name on this comment, it should take you there. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  2. Your grandson sounds precious.
    Like the idea of price limits on gifts. It can get redicilous and often puts people in debt for the rest of the year.
    We only buy for those under 18. Once you hit that magic number, you are on your own.

  3. I love your calling him Darth Vader Jr. That got me laughing and the coughing!

  4. I gotta tell ya -- I am SO proud of the way Amanda & Hector are teaching Luz about the value of money. 5 years old - she has a job chart. It's up to her to DO her jobs (without being reminded) and at the end of the day they check off which jobs she got done. (sometimes she forgets one - sometimes she CHOOSES not to do one...) At the end of the week she gets "paid". She has to put half of her pay into her savings Piggy and the other half goes in her spending Piggy. Now mind you - she only gets a nickle or a dime per chore! I think she has the capability of earning $.25 per day. That little turkey is up to $31 in her SPENDING PIGGY and has not yet decided what she wants to buy! I am LOVING it!

    We are in negotiations for HOW to do Christmas this year. Some kids want to draw names... others not so much... it's a transitional phase for us. They're all grown up and Mom & Dad can't afford to provide all their WANTS anymore!!! (or even their needs for that matter!) :)

  5. Hi Amber,

    Yep, kinds are an interesting lot. Mine called on Friday. He wanted to talk about weightlifting of all things. It's definitely time for me to hit the gym even harder! it seems he wants to beat my best. I'm sure it's just a matter of time too until he make that lift.

    Best wishes,


  6. I'm sure grandchildren are a blessing. My parents always said that grandchildren were to spoil after raising their parents in an opposite manner. I had to think on that one awhile