Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Day After and New Beginnings

Today is "catch up day". Halloween is over now and the time has sprung forward. It is a chore getting all the clocks reset back to normal time. The Halloween decorations need to come down and put back in the garage until next year. It is a beautiful day outside today and it will be nice to get out after the last cool front the other day. The yard is like a bog it has rained so much. Hubby was cutting stray limbs on the Yaupon Holly yesterday and when I went out to pick up the brush it was like walking into a bog. Yuck!

We have started the semi-annual changing of the clocks. That takes a while, because I love clocks. My wristwatch took me a good bit of time to set. Twice a year I muddle around trying to figure how to set all the gadgets. Maybe I should get a Rolex...HA!

Also, needed to make out some cards for family and friends. My best rl friend's mother passed away last Friday morning. She was 96 and passed away in comfort. Also, needed to send a get well card to my husband's aunt. She broke her leg a week ago. She has osteoporosis and is very fragile. I've stepped up my calcium intake for sure! Also, am going to the YMCA tomorrow to sign up for water aerobics classes. They meet three times per week and some of the ladies from my knitting group are in the class. That will make it so much better to walk out looking like an orca in front of them. Sure it will!

I started the Christmas shopping this of magazines for the girls and I have either $15 or $20 left to spend on them. We are setting either a $20 or $25 limit this year on gifts and I can't remember right now. It is a challenge to either get a bunch of things for $20 or one twenty dollar gift. Our grandson is exempt from the monetary limit. I can't believe Christmas is nearly upon us and how quickly this year has gone by!


  1. I was thinking I need to go up and get my Christmas cards out of the attic. (bought them 1/2 price last year) But woke with chills today. So will do it tomorrow.

  2. The whole year has flown by; I'm thinking it nas something to do with age.

    November is filled with medical appts. So I guess I need to get to writing my annual newsletter.

    I send cards but this activity seems to have diminished with each rise in postage.

    I'm thinking of limiting gifts, simply because so many will have nothing. We may shift emphasis outward through church and organizations where I know money will go to right people.

  3. Maribeth,
    Get snuggled up in a big puppy pile and sleep like they do for a while. Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow.

    I only sent a couple of cards that I deemed essential. When people I love are in the hospital I try to put a chatty note in the card. It may only distract them for a few minutes, but it might give them something to think about for a while. The other was for my friend whose mother passed. We went to the funeral today and when we got home there was a message for my husband that a fellow he worked with had died Sunday. So, he has another funeral tomorrow. I HAVE to keep my appt. with the dentist. It is too hard to get another rescheduled.

    We have been cutting back on Christmas cards for years now. The postage is a lot. However, I know my grandson enjoys getting "real mail" just for him. I send him thank you notes when he gives me a gift and sometimed just a note to let him know I'm thinking about him. He is learning cursive this year, so soon I won't have to print.

  4. I simply refuse to give Christmas a thought until after Thanksgiving! I do know we are NOT spending what we normally do. *I say that every year...*