Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Frogs!!

T.C.U. plays football tonight! TCU is ranked 4th (undefeated this year), and Utah is ranked 14th, but still no game on tv. The game is sold out to 50,000 fans with standing room only. My husband and daughter got tickets last Sunday and are out there to cheer for their beloved horned frogs...not really a frog, but a lizard. A win tonight, they are favored by 20 points, may result in a bowl game in January.

CNN was on campus this morning before 9am....that is when they were on ESPN. Cheerleaders were cheering and jumping, great huge signs were being waved about, and everyone was ecstatically happy to be seen on ESPN. Tailgating started about then. One of my daughter's friends was going to be out there setting up his tailgate party this morning. The game started at 6:30 this evening. I can't remember what mine took to contribute, but their friend, Garfield, was going to go by Fina's Tortilla Factory and pick up a bunch of tamales. I saw one 6 pack go into an ice chest/bag, so I guess they aren't planning on drinking much. They have a ride home and hopefully it won't be me. I'd hate to have to get down in that mess tonight.


  1. It was an awesome game, at least from the clips I watched on various sports channel. I did not find the full game, nor UT's game featured on the various sports and regular channels. I did find Tx A&M

    I've watched football every night this week and have today and tomorrow pro ball to go. Wonder what I will do when Fevbruary comes.

  2. UT and A&M were available. It was just the TCU game wasn't
    televised on the cable channel we have. It was shown on all the others. I'm not wild about football, but do like to watch TCU when they are on top. They won 58-28.

  3. Amber, Your comments section for Nov. 15th is not showing up on my computer for some reason, so I'll just post on this one. We all have so much to be thankful for and November is a good time to think about it all and give those thanks. I am thankful to have such a great blogging buddy as you. I love coming to visit you and your great sense of humor. Have a good week. Hugs.