Friday, November 27, 2009

The Maids

The Maids come today, so we have to pick up stuff and put it away like mad this morning. They clean, but don't pick up stuff like they would know where it might go.

We are staying far away from the malls today. So far it from what they've shown on tv it is as crazy as ever. I did some shopping online last night.

Frog madness continues...TCU is still winning and our mayor is going to turn the Trinity river purple today. I guess it is a priority of how to spend our taxes.


  1. I refuse to go out today. As far as I am concerned, my work is done today. After all I worked my butt off the last two days.
    But the result was a great dinner.

  2. I'm with Maribeth - I'm still in my jammies! I'm sO glad my maids came on Tuesday this week! At first I thought it would be nice to have them come the day AFTER the holiday - specially since WE weren't hosting this year. But NOW I'm so glad I didn't! I have had the LAZIEST day of my LIFETIME today! I love it!

  3. After they left...we went shopping and bought a new sofa and chairs for the family room and a small sofa for the in laws room at the assited living place.

    I was going to take tomorrow totally off and loll around, but we have to rearrange the stuff in the greenhouse. Oh well.