Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sunday "fun" and Monday rest

Ooops....I just couldn't get with it yesterday. On Sunday we went to the camp for the pre-Thanksgiving festivities. We saw a lot of people we hadn't seen in a good while. I love going out there, but 9 times out of 10 I wind up with a terrible asthma/allergy attack. So much for getting out in the weeds for me. This Sunday was no different than most of the ones before. On the way home I started to wheeze and my nose stopped up. After we got home my husband went to his parents' to give them their dinner, and with my usual generosity I told him to take my car. It is more comfortable. After he left I started looking for my inhaler and it was no where to be found. *gak* I thought about going through my pharmacy's website and it looked like there weren't any refills. It was a sad moment. Then I called the pharmacist and had him look at it. He said I had one refill. Thank you, Lord! I found a set of keys to my husband's pos truck and off I went. At first there was a good bit of jerking and lurching around, because it had been a long time since I'd driven a stick shift. I learned on one and have had several stick shift cars, but had opted for the automatic shift the last few years. I was sort of rusty...k.

All the gear issues came to a halt once I'd reached the end of my street and turned onto the main street to the pharmacy. I got down there and I thought I'd never get the pickup into a parking space. The pharmacy closes at 6PM on Sunday and it was nearing the witching time when I got there. He handed me the rx and the bill...at which point I nearly fainted. When I was on the regular insurance the inhalers cost about $5...this little baby cost $55.00. After getting over the shock I left to get home. Some lurching, but at least I got home without incident. Used the inhaler and calmed down. When you can't breathe well it is sort of spooky. I then found two other inhalers that had hidden from me earlier. My husband called my supplemental insurance and they were no help.

My daughter in law had left a message while we were out, saying her mom and dad were here and would it be ok to come by and then go over to my mother in law's house for a visit? I had to tell her that I wasn't up to having company yesterday and if they wanted to visit the in laws the morning was the best time. From what I understand they visited for about 15 minutes. They have mentally and physically so much since my dil's parents had seen them, and I'm sure they were surprised, as was my dil.

We are getting along on the assisted living and hope we can get them in before long. My husband is planning on telling them soon. It will be very traumatic for him, but I really don't think his parents will remember it for 10 minutes afterward. I hope it goes well.

On Sunday I was grateful we were able to get home before 6pm and that I had the money to pay for my rx. Monday I was grateful to just rest for a day.

So, anyway I wasn't really up to blogging yesterday.


  1. Well, I hope you're feeling better today. Can you imagine -- that is how Dr. John feels all.the.time. He can't do anything to get away from it. When he says he's having a "good" breathing day - that is with the help of LOTS of oxygen. And when he's having a bad day - that is with oxygen alllllllllll day. I can't imagine it. It breaks my heart! I really DO hope you are feeling better -- and I think that inhaler is worth every penny!

    You are going to have a lovely Thanksgiving! I'd be happy with PB&J and some praise tunes!

  2. I sure hope you are feeling better by now and glad you were able to get that inhaler. I have not driven a stick shift in years and don't know if I remember how! I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh I hear ya about the asthma medications! And my doc prescribed some cough syrup too and that just cost a fortune. I needed a refill and told the nurse I wanted the cheap cough syrup. I cannot afford the Cadillac version of the stuff!

  4. NOBODY that has NOT experienced asthmas and shortness of breath can relate to how scary it is to not be able to breathe.

    Hopefully if we get some health reform in the right places, $55 may become a dinosaur, but I am not counting on it. I've had too much experience with pharmaceutical companies.