Sunday, November 15, 2009

Giving Thanks

While reading "Luckie" I saw where she is going to be posting about something she is grateful for each day. From her website I went to someone else's who was linked from there. I was all set to go about writing about all that I'm grateful for when I noticed her graphic was linked to South Breeze Farm who is actually the real one to be hosting a "Giving Thanks Challenge". Each day of November everyone has been posting something they are thankful for. I'll have to play catch up pretty hard and fast for a while. However, there are so many things for which to be thankful it shouldn't take long.

Today is November 15th-Sunday-and my husband and I have had our youngest daughter staying with us off and on for most of the past week. Love her as we do, we were both a little thankful she is on the road home to Austin. I'm sure she is thankful, too.

November 14th-Saturday-Our daughter took her dad to the TCU football game for his birthday. His alma mater won by a huge margin. They were thankful to see the game live and to have someone take them to the game and pick them up. My husband was grateful to get to sit after visiting so many of her friend's tailgate parties. They ate all sorts of wonderful food. They were grateful for that bonus.

November 13-Friday-My husband's birthday was November 13th. I'm very grateful to have him as my partner in life. He is funny and such a good man.

November 12th-Thursday-Our daughter returned "home" from work that has taken her all around the state. It was good to spend time with her again, and get caught up since last Monday.

November 11-Wednesday-I attended a class at the YMCA that was a dance class...Zumba or something like that. I'm grateful to be able to sort of keep up with them, but think maybe the low impact water aerobics is a better place for me at this time. You would have laughed yourself silly to see all us old folks shimmying and stuff. It was pretty hysterical and it was toned down for the older crowd.

I can't tell you how grateful I was for this class to end. *angelic smile* And he doesn't shimmy as much as we did. I was also very grateful the class had been toned down a bit for our age....but not that much after looking at this video.

Also, we got free tickets to see Garrison Keillor of "A Prairie Home Companion" toward the end of November or December 1st and I was truly grateful for them! I love that show.

This day is, also Veterans Day and we are grateful to all the soldiers who have to leave their families at home to be on duty caring for our nation. The Y offers water aerobics for those of us who are somewhat older and have arthritis issues. The ladies in this class are funny and friendly. I'm grateful I'm with such kind women and able to manage the class.

November 10-Tuesday-I was so grateful to have Diet 7UP and some crackers to help me through the day after I have to take the Methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis and I'm so very grateful it is only once a week I have to take the stuff. It was very nice to have the tv to help pass the time, too.

November 9-Monday is the day my knitting group meets for a bite to eat and to knit and chatter about what all has been going on in our lives. It is also another day I attend water aerobics. I'm telling you...I'm going to have arms just like Michelle Obama before long. :o)

November 8th-Sunday-We were grateful to our son and daughter in law and grandson for inviting us to meet them halfway from our hometowns for lunch, because our son had to be out of town on his dad's birthday. It was very nice to see them. And my dil has a new car. I had to battle the demon "Envy" for a couple of days, but managed defeat it. :o)

November 7th-Saturday-My knitting group got together to see the play "Menopause:The Musical". It was so much fun to have women to laugh with about this. My daughters and daughter in law are peri-menopausal and I know it can be miserable...they are living so much in denial about it. I am grateful for my friends.

November 6th-Friday-I am grateful to still be able to work in my little garden some, my poor husband winds up planting most of it. My husband and I went to the nursery to purchase pansies and other winter pretty plants.

November 5th-Thursday-I repaired a house dress for my 91 year old mother in law. I was grateful for the sewing machine that has a fancy stitch to repair tri-corner tears. The joy of her has been dimmed by Alzheimer's disease that has ruined her mind. She is not violent and that it truly a blessing. My father in law has become as confused as she, but we are working toward getting them into Assisted Living. There are a lot of hoops through which to jump to get there. I'm grateful for that, too. It keeps people from having parents locked away when they become a burden and not that they have serious problems.

November 4th-Wednesday-Actually, I'm very grateful to have remembered this much information about what I'm grateful for.

November 3rd-Tuesday-I think I rested on this day of yucky methotrexate fall out. I was grateful to be able to rest for a while.

November 2nd-Monday-Water aerobics in the morning, then getting ready to attend a funeral for my best friend's mother. I am grateful I had the opportunity to know such a kind lady.

November 1st-We attended a visitation for my best friend's mother. We got the opportunity to talk to some of the family members about how sad it was that she had passed. She was 96 years old and had been in very poor health for some time.

I'll bet you are grateful I'm done with this for today and I promise there won't be another two week's worth of gratefulness.


  1. ROFL! I think you did that very nicely! 15 days is a LOT all at once! But you've had a good month this month -- it would not have been so easy to come up with something for every day in OCTOBER I think... or maybe you would have anyway! Could have been just the medicine you needed! :)

    I had thought about doing this -- as a matter of fact, I have often thought that I would like to put a "Thanks of the day" EVERY day - not just in November. But NOW I've gone and gotten involved in Friday Fave Five -- which is so very like the old Sunday Seven I used to do -- and I fear I might get too repetitive... I get bored with things easily though ... so perhaps when I get tired of FFF I'll just do my own thing! It is always GOOD to give thanks!

  2. Melli,
    I just had been thinking of something about being thankful for all we have and for all that we don't have to endure and there was that link on Coward's Corner...with Luckie. I never quite get it right.

    November has been a busy and a pretty good month. I wish you had been there at that dance class at the Y. OMG...all us old people doing the shimmy was hilarious. There was so much shaking going on it was scary. And thank goodness it wasn't just me, although I'm pretty sure I've broken my foot or something. HAHAHA!

    I've seen your Friday Fave, but usually by Friday I've about had it or am working on plans for the weekend. I used to love your Sunday Seven.

  3. Oh my goodness, you had to make up for lost time, didn't you? I have to say that you did a wonderful job with your blessings and things that you are thankful for in your life. It will be fun to come visit when you have less work to do☺

  4. Gosh you have a busy month so far!
    I am trying to decide what to do with my blog, I'm just bored with it I suppose. Have a great week..:)