Monday, November 2, 2009

Texas Is a Great Place to Be This Weekend

Oh arrgghhh..I was running late this morning even with the extra hour to sleep and nearly was late for my first water aerobic class. However we got the paperwork taken care of and got me headed toward the pool when I noticed my keys were not with me. I had to go all the way back to the front of the building to get them off the counter where I'd left them. Beginning Alzheimer's I'm sure. It is a slippery slope when you get on the far side of 50.

The women in the water aerobic class are pretty darned good, and they nearly kicked my rear today! I was pretty tired and sore when we were through. There a good number of older women who I think were ringers for the rockettes or something. They knew how to do the Hokey Pokey! I had mostly forgotten. My friends who have been badgering me to come on and do the water aerobics class with them...and Oh my how much fun it is!! Well, they weren't there. It was ok though, the ladies in that class were really friendly and fun. I did give one of the knitter/water aerobic/church worker a hard time tonight and found she had worked a church bazaar this past weekend. So she was forgiven. I'm sure the other one had a fine excuse, too.

So, after being humiliated by a bunch of little ole ladies I had to race home, shower and get on the road to attend a funeral. One of my friend's mother passed away this last weekend and they were having a graveside service. The weather was beautiful today. I guess if you want an outside funeral this would have been the day I'd pick. Her death was not unexpected and she had hospice and her family with her when she went from this world to the next. One really nice thing that stood out so much was her grandson who is in his 20s played a classical music selection on his guitar. It was really beautiful and a wonderful tribute to his grandmother.

Then we were back in the car racing back across town, but by another way due to road construction we had seen while going out that way. It was different and I so wished I had my camera with me to take so snaps of the stockyard area...that is where Billy Bob's, the world's largest Honky Tonk is located. You know the bar with the electric bull. That part of town is actually steeped in history. Tim Love, he won on Great Chef's a while back has an eating establishment down there called The Love Shack. He also owns another restaurant called Lonesome Dove. He is a way cool chef and is on our local tv morning shows fairly often. Did I mention he is pretty hot, too? Sadly we left the Stockyards and headed home for a quick rest.

Hubby had to go over to his folks to heat up their dinner. Sometime during today when I was somewhere and he was here he called over to his parents and the Social Worker was there evaluating his parents. He talked with the caretaker and that is how he found out she was there. He was sort of dreading going over, but off he went. They didn't remember anyone being there. This puts us one step closer to getting them into assisted living...and actually is a good thing. We have to go through the process to be able to get them the proper care they need, and to keep from going insane ourselves. If you have been with me, you know how long it has been going on and how they just keep going downhill. It has been one of the saddest things to see their mental faculties diminish so much.

Tonight was knitting night and I didn't get much done, but did some inquiring as to how they thought it would look to make a scarf with three working strands on a pair of size 50 needles. I'd tried with some size 15s, but that was not going to work. The yarn worked up too tightly and just wasn't right. The fun part of tonight was picking up my ticket to "Menopause: The Musical". Our knitting group is going on Saturday afternoon, but one is going to see "Turandot", the opera. She dances to a different drummer and that is why we like her so. Also, if anyone is interested NASCAR is back at Texas Motor Speedway here in Texas. I guess we got it all going on here this weekend. *grin* All I have to do is make it through Wednesday and Friday workouts.

Hope you had a fun day and come on down to visit. It was was a beautiful day today and I hope it was where you are.


  1. Oh I sure hope they work a bit faster to get them into a home. I feel so bad for your Hubby's folks.
    We've already been there and done that with my Hubby's dad.

  2. Glad to hear there was progress with the relatives. It is an arduous procedure designed to ensure the rights of everyone I guess.

    I have two friends, one a woman, who will be watching the Texas racing this weekend. She is an avid fan of one of the stars,forget which one. She even made the trip to Texas when he was at the Speedway a few years back.

    Tomorrow is next trip to Little Rock.

  3. I'm so sorry about the inlaws.

    I hope you get a good social worker who is willing to work with the family. My advice is to call her a million times, even if she doesn't respond to the message (I used to do social work and I know how easy it is to get backed up and I would appreciate endless emails and phone calls)

  4. Oh my gosh! You are going to PEE YOUR PANTS watching Menopause!!! (and they sing a song about that too!) Honestly... I don't think I have EVER seen a funnier show in my life!

    Size 50 needles? Good grief... I can't even maneuver the size 10's.... You GO girl!

    I'm glad to hear you're making progress with the steps to get the inlaws taken care of... it's a red tape JUNGLE out there!

  5. Lora, This social worker is the inlaws rep and she works for the court. It would not help to badger her, as I'm sure it didn't help when they badgered you. It is a SLOW as molasses procedure, because my inlaws, not matter how crazy and incompetent they are can just say I want to go home and the assisted living place cannot keep them. They can call a cab and be gone. These are the steps that must be taken to protect their rights, and in reality, it has gone fairly quickly. It is heart breaking but we do what we can.

    In my lifetime a man could have his wife declared incompetent and lock her away forever. I met one of the creeps when I was working between marriages. He actually had the gall to tell me about it and then ask me out. He didn't have to ask what my answer was.
    We do our best to care for them, but they do need 24/7 care, and we can't let them live here. It would be more confusing to them and we can't leave our home to go to their home. We have help to come in for half a day and my husband goes over every evening to heat up something for dinner.

    I used to follow NASCAR, but somehow I just can't get back to it. Good Lord...I started watching when Jeff Gordon was a rookie. Oh my how the years slip away.
    Drive safely and let us know how you are after you get back.

    Melli, I can't wait for some good laughter. It does a body good. We had a good time at knitting group last night. We have picked up a following...sort of. There is a little older man who is a widower, would be my guess. He must be lonely as all get out. He waits for us to show up, he makes an excuse to come by and chat for a minute, and lets us know he will be there next Monday. He thinks we are swell and do a wonderful thing?.? I hope he won't overstep his bounds. He was talking to a lot of ppl last night and the manager sent one of the busboys to chat with him for a while and get him settled down. I thought that was very sweet of the manager.

    Other times people will stop and tell us how they used to knit and so on...we welcome the ladies to bring their yarn and sit with us. So far none have. It would be nice, though.

  6. So far you are the first one to mention a break from blogging. And that's what the post was all about but in an odd way.

  7. Abe,
    I know when I need a break and it is usually when I struggling to come up with a topic. It seemed you weren't your regular self today. Get rested and take some time to recharge. I have to go to the water aerobics again today. I see a nap in my future. I'm pretty sure that isn't what I'm supposed to do, but dangit I will.

  8. Hi Amber, The water class sounds like so much fun to me. I bet you really enjoyed it. I am so sorry about the inlaws and how they are regressing. I know it would bother you both a lot. I have always heard of Billy Bob's for years.
    Sounds like a busy weekend ahead!

  9. Judy,
    The water aerobics is wonderful. I had tried to do the stretching excercises my doc had given me, but it made the joint hurt so much I was hesitant to do them. Then I tried walking in my neighborhood. I think that laid me up for a couple of days. This aerobic workout gets all the joints that have gotten stiff...and I don't hurt the next day.