Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratefulness, cold, and the in laws again

November 17th-Today I am so grateful for the abundance and variety of food in our grocery stores. Every now and then I look up while I'm shopping in my local Kroger or other supermarket and am amazed at the amount of food in the store. It is almost mind boggling to me. We truly do live in a land of plenty and I am grateful to have the resources to be able to buy enough for us to stay full and probably gain plenty of weight, at least we have so far. We also take time to make a contribution to our local food bank for those who are not so fortunate. I am grateful to have the money to be able to help someone. I think the food banks are very good things indeed.

I have a meeting this morning and I'm writing to keep from getting ready and going. It is cold out and pretty windy, as well. Hubby had left last night to pick up some rxs for his folks and to go fix them dinner when I heard there was a frost warning for last night. It was quite the hassle to rush about trying to drag all the tropical plants up onto the covered patio and putting up sheets on the perimeter to keep them from dying. When I got home from knitting group he got my little heater that goes in the greenhouse and put it on the patio. The plants look pretty happy this morning. However, they are predicting a freeze tonight, so I guess it may be time to put all the plants into the greenhouse. Last Sunday the temperature was 80 degrees. Texas is a hard place to garden sometimes and I am grateful for the guidance I have received over the years to learn to pick the varieties that will flourish here. I need to get the camera and dl the pix taken around the yard.

Today is the day my husband goes to the court about his parents. He has talked to the assisted living people and it is our belief that there will be room for them there. I pray it all works out. He told me this morning his parents have lost the key to the front door now. Send a little prayer that things will begin to look up for the in laws soon. Hubby brought home a diagram of the apartment they would have and it looks pretty nice. It has a bedroom and a living room with a small kitchen. There is a fridge, but I'm not sure if there is a microwave or not.


  1. Ohhhh I hope all went well in court today! I'm SURE it did! I just can't imagine any judge NOT granting his wishes for his parents!

    You know... I'm sure Texas IS trying to garden in... but in my experience EVERYwhere is trying! LOL! And the weather has just been one big giant hair ball this year! I'm really curious to see how this winter goes....

  2. Melli,
    It is a hassle to garden if you don't know the right plants for the area. I have bought a book about Texas gardening. It made life much easier when I quit trying to grow stuff that just can't make it here.

    All went well yesterday at court for my husband to be his parents gaurdian.

  3. I hope the assisted living thing works out for you all. It is dark and rainy here today and looks a lot like winter. My Bob's mother lives in assisted living and one of his sons went by to check on her the other day. She said she had found a great new bowl for the cat's water. It was the cover for the light fixture in the ceiling. No one knows how she got it down!
    She is 93 years old...

  4. Oh I pray all went well. It's so hard. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.