Sunday, May 31, 2009

How my garden grows...cont'd

Some flowers have come back from last year, a lot have been planted by us this winter and spring. The fence is new and some of the old fence has been utilized to provide screening from our next door neighbors. We like them, but it is more pleasant for both of us is we feel like we are alone. There is so much reward from the work put into a garden. The extra tomatoes in the little white cell planters will be potted up for our fall garden. Our garden is very large....and keeps us busy. And we still have a lot of plants to get in the flower beds. I failed to get pictures of the red amaryllis while it was blooming before the pink lillies bloomed. I'm still awaiting the Star Gazer lilly's bloom. My cousin gave it to me last year.


  1. It really is all just GORGEOUS! You have 10 green thumbs! :)

  2. Melli-Actually frequently I am all thumbs. *grin*