Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day recap

Mother's Day for me was the whole weekend. We went to lunch with my youngest on Sat. and she came over on Sunday morning to make us brunch. She is very thoughtful and will have me in a mu mu before long...she is a good cook. Just kidding...she is a great cook and is totally health conscious.

After the brunch my husband and I went to my mother in law's for her Mother's Day. She liked her gift and we visited for a good long while. It is difficult visiting with them because neither my mil nor fil can remember anything for two minutes. I talked to them some about assisted living and that didn't go well at all. Not a big deal....she had forgotten what I was talking about later on. Something is going to have to happen in that situation, but I think it is going to have to be my husband who tackles it.

Our son had been in Louisiana to attend a wedding over the weekend. Our dil's not having a lot of luck with her fractured foot healing, so she stayed home with our grandson. She has even gotten one of those bone generator contraptions to help. I have NO idea what the bone thing is but I've seen them before, but can't find anything on google. My son's plane landed about 3pm so we me our son and grandson, and dil for dinner at Outback. It was all fun.

Our oldest daughter who lives in Houston/Galveston area sent beautiful roses with a small box of candy. She, too had been in Louisiana this past weekend. Her best friend's mother's birthday was this weekend and it was the first since her husband had died earlier this year. Janet, the friend, wanted C, my daughter to drive with her. They all had a good time and it was good that Janet's mother had the girls there to keep her mind busy.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely, busy time!

  2. That is a busy weekend. We saw Chandra briefly, they drove in to see her fil who is in the hospital.
    I have to share her now, not used to that yet!

  3. Whew! I bet by the end of the day I would have been in the mu-mu!.

    Since I am not a Mother except to 4-legged types, and our mothers are deceased, it was a quiet day here.

    However, the previous week I spent some time in memory of both in choosing my PHOTOHUNT.

    This week subject is PAINT(Ed). Have to think a tad on that. Nothing said about "needing painting. There is a lot of that around here.

  4. Oh boy! You were certainly properly celebrated this weekend! That's great!

    I can't believe your MIL and FIL are still living UNassisted! I think that is phenomenal that they can do it! But... do they remember to eat? Do they remember to take medications? Mom would NEVER take her meds if someone didn't give them to her --- OR - the problem she had before George caught on - she would take several doses right in a row - within minutes of each other! Having them in the daily containers did no good because she couldn't remember what day of the week it was! Things like that worry me...

  5. Yeah it's sad when our parents get to that time of their lives.
    A belated Happy Mother's day to you! Or was I here on Mother's Day? So busy with the babies I can't remember!