Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Socks

Your Socks Say You're Charming

You Are:

- Infinitely enchanting

- Simply amazing

- An incredible person

- A true star

Look...right there...I'm a true star!


  1. Very fitting for a Texan!

    My socks say I am:
    Very Clever
    - Truly gifted
    - Exceptionally calm
    - Quite healthy
    - A true natural

  2. I chose pink & red stripes and my socks say I am:

    You Are: PLAYFUL!

    - Always hyper
    - Very amusing
    - Known as friendly
    - Quite silly

    I think they were a perfect fit!

  3. My Socks say I am:

    - Quite charming
    - Of excellent character
    - A bit old-fashioned
    - Very gracious

    Maybe so, maybe not--a bit old-fashioned does fit.

  4. quilly, melli, and NitWit1- I know the socks we chose are right for us. Esp. Melli *LOL*