Friday, May 22, 2009


Finally it is it makes a big difference to me anymore since I'm not working. Anyway, after being jarred out of bed by my mil on the phone this morning I've had a cup of coffee and been outside looking to see what all needs planting. Lo and behold my poor little peppers planted by me from seed this past winter have little peppers on them. PJ over at No Deep Thoughts had posted a pic of their first pepper, so you know I must post pics of mine soon. While out in the garden area I found there were a BUNCH of little weeds that had come up after last week's rains. They are easy to pull up, but it is a real stretch in the hip area...aie aie aie. Good for me, though to stretch it out. I'm getting enthusiastic about planting again after assessing the area and also, the weather. It is getting cloudy out from that low that came over Florida the other day. Hopefully no hurricane yet. We need a break from that stress! However, the clouds will help keep the heat down and maybe we can get all the rest of the planting done. Yay!

We watched SYTYCD last night and there was one guy I think is going to be great. His dance was very strong. Hope he can keep it up. I just love to watch the dancers and their growth over the course of the show. They have the same judges and choreographers as last season. It takes very little to entertain me.

Have a safe holiday. Memorial Day is the time to remember the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform who died for their country. So, fly your flag and say a prayer for those who gave all, then have a hot dog and some friends over. I gave up having a Memorial Day pool parties after several in a row got rained out.


  1. Finding your baby pepper was like my finding baby bok choy--except for different reasons.

    I remember my parent's vegetable garden efforts in the hot sun, particularly keeping things thriving in the heat of July, depending largely on rainfall.

    Since I'm married to a veteran, Memorial and Veteran's Day are special in our household.

    We will have hot dogs and hamburgers, cook on an inside the house grill. I forsook outdoors events a long time ago.

    Anything remotely connected with living outdoors, except occasionally fishing, is too remote. Give me the comforts of home.

    My idea of camping is the Holiday Inn or similar with wireless Internet service!!!

  2. We gave up having Memorial day pool parties when we discovered you had to have a pool.
    We are also planting but mostly flowers. Hope your garden grows well.

  3. We're having a Memorial Day pool party without the pool. Luckily we have the ocean just a few yards away. ;) And, if it rains, we'll just hang out under the awning. Life is rough in Hawaii.

  4. I'm having my Memorial Day pool party in my car on the way to the Airport to pick Krysti up! But the rest of the weekend will be fun... or productive... one or the other! :) Lots of Memorializing though...
    Have a good one Amber!