Wednesday, May 6, 2009

'puter problems

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Between the two computers I'm having to do this a lot lately. One or the other gets all hosed up and I have to control, alt, delete and start over. Irritating as everything.

btw-CNN has finally noted that the Governor of Texas is a little weird about that whole secession thing....and their viewers had plenty to say about it, too. I wasn't the only one to recognize weirdness when I see it.


  1. My best friend is a cat lover, current with 3-4 she claims-all but one were strays; one is a shelter cat.

    She complained about her keyboard to me a few years back. Since she bought a new one, and I tinker about with building/repairing, she allowed me to dismantle.

    When I got down to the guts underneath the keys, it was a massive furball. Since she had a new replacement, I figured I couldn't hurt anything. I used the hose attachment a a Kirby vacuum cleaner to clear the furball.

    The keyboard was as good as new.

    However, I suspect if you are using Vista, it will be like my two. The only solution seems to be backup and re-install the operating system. RATZ!

  2. Yikes! That sounds sort of rad to uninstall and reinstall the operating system. My hubby just told me he had the same problem on the same site on the desktop in the other room.

    I blow my keyboard out with canned air when it starts acting up, but the old Kirby would work fine, too.

  3. OY! Whatever it is - I hope ya get it fixed. But if hubby had the same prob at the same site, I'd just avoid that site!!!

    Isn't canned air the greatest?!

  4. Kitty needs to learn to touch type!