Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who knew and when did they know it

Who knew....well, I did, but had forgotten this stuff from when I was working on my degree in research psych and a minor in biology. While taking chemistry and studying the structure of cholesterol, because I had to draw the chemical structure on a test. I got to looking at it and darn but the chemical structure of, say hydrogenated fats are the same as cholesterol when they added hydrogens to make it more solid. I asked my instructor about this and wasn't it like just the same as the evil cholesterol? He thought for a moment and told me that the companies did something to it so that it wouldn't hurt you! Huh?? Hell, that is what trans fat is. I should have hung in there with my questioning...cuz if a stay at home mom, except for the school part at the local community college could figure it out...what about those really smart folks up at Harvard and all.

And here is another one that sort of explains the the whole triglyceride thing. And OMG he even talks about when your triglycerides go rancid! Yuck!

I'm not sure that getting your health information from You Tube or my blog is the best way, but it is an alternative way. Take it for what it is worth.


  1. ROFLMBO! Woman! You crack me up!

    Please allow me to introduce you to AmberStar, my friend, the geek!

    YOU are soooooooo CUTE!

  2. Thank you...it must be true that about the geekiness. My friend at work would tell me what a geek I am when I'd get all excited about some tool. I'm ok with it...'cause it is true.

  3. After college level courses in chemistry, biochemistry and even nutrition, I am of the opinion, if you like plain old cow butter,eat it, it is certainly more "natural" that the awesome array of substitutes in the refrigerator section of the grocery store.

    Only problem is, for "health" reasons, you probably should not have but one or two pats a week.

    There is always a downside.... :)

  4. You know, something is going to kill me and I don't sit around much worrying about what. I prefer to eat "natural" fats to man made ones because I trust God more.

    And I think I have just figured out why you like Amoeba so much - -though you haven't been by his last many posts.

  5. I knew you were the smart one in the family,now figure out how to have brownies and ice cream with out it going straight to my hips,please??
    I agree with them better to eat the natural fats instead of the fake stuff,Ma would never eat anything but real butter,now I do the same...LOL

  6. NW1-No kidding about only eating small amounts. I have to admit we do eat more than one or two pats per week...or day for that matter. Depends on the day. The I Can't Believe It' Not Butter light is not too bad.

    Quilly-Yes...Ameoba is geekier than I for sure. I haven't read him in a good while, because he was fairly inflexible about some things and he never read my posts. And btw-you are still young enough not to have to worry too much. Genes play a large role in how long you live, barring accidental death. I pretty much got body slammed a couple of weeks ago after all the tests, and got knocked out of my denial phase for sure. Gah! It was a lot.

    PWCat-You are as smart or smarter than I am..you nut! Everything I eat these days goes onto my hips, and everywhere else. Give me a call sometime. No party anytime soon this year. I've had some major news lately. Ugh.

  7. AMEOBA? INFLEXIBLE??? Surely you gest! NOT!!! ROFL! Ameoba survives under Quilly's umbrella! Or rock... or something! But honestly... he IS a good guy in his own right. Even if he IS stubbornly opinionated! *rolls eyes* (as though I'm not... )

    Anyway - yes, it's actually COOL to be a geek when you really ARE a geek! My Krysti is a geek too! And we LOVE her geekiness! And she is QUITE proud of her geekism!