Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy Days

Oh man it is raining today and I love it! I'm going to open the drapes and just watch today. Maybe put something in the crockpot for dinner and go to the library to pick up the books I'd asked for through interlibrary loan. Those crazy Larry McMurtry's The Berrybender series is now out of print. The books are available at Amazon and even in a full price bookstore, but I think $28 + for two paperback books falls into the realm of "not gonna pay that much"! I had forgotten how stress inducing the library can be. My card had been purged as well as being lost by me, but it did upset me that the library had cast me out. They took me back in with open arms though. The deal is I have to read the books on their time schedule so sometimes I have to rush a bit to finish. I read the last or newest Blossom Street book this past week, so I can go pick up the ones waiting for me.

Scooter over at Atomic Zebra 7, gave me a prize yesterday, but I didn't get it put up yet. He is a real sweet guy, but there are a LOT of questions. Maybe, if I can stay awake long enough I'll get that up so i can link back to him. It is one of these kinds of days

I love this song by Jack Johnson ...nearly as much as rain. *happy smile*


  1. Isn't Jack Johnson GREAT!? I just love him! Krysti introduced me to him... Perfect song for you today! Enjoy those books and the rain -- I hope it lasts all day for you!

  2. This is my intro to Jack Johnson and I loved that song!

    Our library and I are having fits because they swear I didn't return that which I did and they want me to pay them $60.00 for it when I could go to the store, get a $10.00 copy and deliver it. I keep telling myself to pay the $60.00 and consider it a donation to a good cause, but the whole thing just ticks me off!

  3. It thundered and rain a lot during the night, light rain this a.m. and now the sun is out.

    Luckie gets under the foot extension of my lift chair when it thunders. If I don't notice her, I lower the foot extension right on top of her.