Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Having been brought up in the U.S. and learning our weights and measures, I always get stumped when the British talk about stones as a measure of weight. I don't wonder how it came about, but how does it relate to our pounds. (not their money) Aieeee...

This afternoon I was watching "Gordon Ramsay's F Word" he and a guest chef were talking about how heavy they had been in the past. Gordon said he had gotten up to 28 stone and the little skinny oriental guest chef said he had been 21 stone. Gordon looked at him funny and said...""

That is when I had to get the computer out and try to figure out how much that is.

Twenty eight stone equals 392 poounds and 21 stone equals 294!?! That's some STONES! My next thought was they must have been on "The Biggest Loser" before they started these cooking shows.

I found the stones to pounds conversion chart here:

If I've got it wrong, please let me know. I can hardly fathom this amount of weight.

PS-the F word stands for Food. I've started to like this show filmed in Britain very much. He sems very happy and relaxed..unlike "Hell's Kitchen".


  1. Ohhh STONES DO weigh a LOT! I was corresponding with a Brit when I was losing all my weight - and she was losing weight too - and I could never keep track of how much she had ACTUALLY lost - pound-wise! But it just SOUNDED so much LESS than mine -when she said she lost 5 stone! I thought WOW - I've lost 65 pounds!!! LOL! But at 5 stone she had actually lost SEVENTY POUNDS! It's TRICKY!

  2. Only the English would still insist on weighing themselves by stones. No newfangled modern day scales for them, nosurrreee!

  3. Geez I'll have to refigure my weight loss in stones!

    NO, I'll forgo it since the number would be lower; I might sink in depression over the weight of the stones. HA

    I just passed one WW milestone (hmm, wonder if that "stone" is of English derivation) by losing 10 percent of my original weight, about one stone :(.

    Since it has taken 5 months, I don't need any depression.

  4. Melli-No kidding they weigh a lot. I was shocked that Gordon Ramsay actually weighed that much.

    Quilly-I guess they just stick to what they know. I know I'm hopeless when it comes to the metric system.

    NW1-Congrats on your weight loss! Do not will come off but it seems to take longer when we are older..I know I have problems with it. We have to attend so many meetings and such where there are refreshments or food.