Friday, May 29, 2009

TGIF and more

Must clean house today! I've lost some time this week and we have been, well, make that hubby has been planting flowers out in the garden this week. I have helped when I can and supervised a lot. I've fallen in love with perennials and am so happy seeing them come back this year. Since we cut back the Vitex to be able to put in the new fence there are LOTS of purple cone flowers that have been languishing in the shade out there for years. They have their perky pink heads up tall and proud now.

There are some new flowerbeds and I'm going to put the seeds saved from last summer in them. That way, there will be another bed of purple cone flowers, butterfly bushes, and peppers-real and ornamental to come back every year from now on. That is a very good thing.

I've Hubby has got my cantaloupe/squash bed started. Pics to come later.

Later when I have time I'll post the pictures of the lillies when they bloomed. The stargazer isn't quite ready yet.

Now I must go and clean before we die from dust.

Well, I really am going in just a minute to dust...and other things cleaningwise. But first I had to go out an plant a couple of things and weed a little, very little, and take a few pictures. Then I had to check to see who actually did win the Byron Nelson golf tournament, cuz I just forgot to keep up with it. Now all the golfers, except Tiger Woods is over here in Ft. Worth to play at Colonial. Amber Star and her family do not belong to Colonial Country Club, but I have been out to watch the tournament from time to time. It is very, very elite and snazzy and all.

Like all the other sports I don't play golf, but sometimes like to watch. My son does play golf and is pretty good at it and did caddy for one of the better players during a practice round or the Pro Am, when he was taking golf as a subject in high school. It put him on cloud 9 to be in the action up close and all. He is much older now, 45, and understands why I always wanted a cart. He thought I was such a weenie then. HA! Now he knows.

For real I'm off to dust. bbl

Before I get started dusting there was this magazine just laying on the sofa next to me...calling my name. There is an article in there about an ENORMOUS rug made from the wool of shorn sheep that has been felted and the knitter made her own needles the size of yardsicks to be able to get the gauge and size she wanted. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Be sure to click on her name to see how HUGE the yarn is and the knitting needles!!


  1. I'm trying to clean up a little too. Just because I home office does not mean I have time to maintain a household. The kids are driving in from Austin. They may want to sit on something that is not covered with cat

  2. Hubby bought a cat hair remover called fabric sweeper for cat hair from Pledge. He said it works pretty well...and I looked at what all he got up and wondered once again how we are alive.

  3. When you're finished dusting your place, come dust mine. I'll leave the TV on the sports channel for you!

  4. Hope you got all that dusting done. I am picking up a young lady in the morning who wants to earn some money for missionary trip. We were going to contribute anyway, but I feel if a young person wants to work a little, we will let her dust a tad, and give the donation anyway, which is more than the work

  5. You and me both. Out comes the vacuum!

  6. Reading of gardens makes me yearn for open spaces to work with, something apartments constrain.

    Would love to see pictures of the flowers. Spring time is a great booster of spirit.

  7. Did you EVER get the house dusted? I would put that job off forever too!

    That Rug that girl made is sOMething else! VERY unusual! I can't even imagine knitting OR crocheting with "yarn" that size! That's hysterical! Very cool! Thanks for that share!

    Can't wait to see your garden shots! Perennials ARE the way to go ... if you can keep things alive. For me, annuals are good enough! LOL!